Sep 292016

Clean Streets L.A.

Reeyan Raynes is accustomed to having unusual weekends for a high school senior. While many of his peers may have been at the beach or watching football on a recent Saturday, Reeyan was organizing the Kiwanis Club, Girl Scout troops, and neighbors for a roadside clean-up in his West Hills community. And this isn’t something he just started doing: Reeyan has been instrumental in organizing monthly clean-ups for the past two years!

Reeyan’s interest in serving his community began in middle school when he got a behind-the-scenes look at the Los Angeles Fire Department. The visit motivated him to find ways for teenagers to get involved in emergency preparedness. He joined the Public Safety Committee of his local Neighborhood Council — and when a position on the West Hills Board became available, Reeyan was asked to step up as chair of the Community Beautification Committee. From his new position, he worked with co-chair Tony Brosamle and other members of the Board to organize monthly clean-ups.

This latest clean-up attracted over 40 volunteers, who collected more than 60 bags of overgrown weeds and loose litter. Reeyan is just one example of a community member organizing successful clean-up efforts with Neighborhood Councils happening around the city on a regular basis.

To encourage these efforts, we’ve created the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge which rewards Neighborhood Councils and Community Groups for organizing and hosting clean-up efforts across the city. To find out how you can participate, visit the Clean Streets L.A. website and do your part to help make our city more beautiful.

/ excerpted from Mayor Garcetti’s Website /


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