Apr 122017

America Has Changed

Has anyone else noticed that America has changed or is it just me? It seems that lately whenever I turn on the TV set there is some shocking news coming at me. In the last few days in particular the news has been overwhelming my sensibilities.

The new administration in Washington D.C. and its eyebrow-raising policies not withstanding (canceling Meals on Wheels, the travel ban, the attack on Syrian airbase, etc.), these three events are mind-boggling to me:

1/ Sean Spicer speaking of Syrian civilians who were bombed with a toxic gas emphasized that even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons during the WW2. REALLY? First and foremost, the statement is false: Hitler killed millions of people in his gas chambers and concentration camps. (Yes, with chemicals!) Second: should a person as ignorant as Sean Spicer be the White House Press Secretary?… Read more

2/ David Dao, American doctor was forcibly dragged out of United Airlines plane: is this a way to treat a passenger?! A better question: is this a way to treat ANY human being, for any reason, under any circumstances? To knock off someone’s glasses, beat them and physically drag them out of a plane…. Where are we? Is it still our Country? If United needed Dr. Dao’s seat that badly, why overbook flights? Who should be punished? The airline that sells tickets it shouldn’t be selling or a paying passenger? Following the brutal beating Dr. Dao is hospitalized. Read more

3/ A man (Nandi Cain Jr.) was arrested for jaywalking in Sacramento: in the process he was thrown to the ground and brutally beaten by the arresting officer. Once again: should anyone be treated this way by a police officer sworn to “serve and protect”? (Incidentally, the jaywalker was arrested and then released: no charges were filed against him.) Can you imagine how a truant student or a shoplifter could be treated?! I wouldn’t be surprised if one got shot dead and the other had his hands chopped off. Read more

What has America come to?! I named only three of the latest examples but we all know that these are not the only instances of shocking ignorance and morally reprehensible behavior, we have seen recently. America has changed. If we were to consider only the three examples I named above:

  • Don’t take Sean Spicer seriously, he really doesn’t know what he’s saying and has proven it, repeatedly.
  • Don’t travel by plane: anything can happen to you in the unfriendly skies.
  • Don’t leave the house: you can get beaten senseless by a police officer for no reason.

America has changed. If it were an option, it would be best to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. As it is we are being overwhelmed by false information and no one is safe. Paranoid? Yes and aware of it, but don’t YOU share my feelings? Sean Spicer is still the Press Secretary. United Airlines is still overbooking flights. Police brutality is a nearly daily occurrence. Surprisingly(?), not a word of condemnation from the White House…

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich




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Not even Hitler, REALLY?!

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Thank you for the "paranoid" editorial. I also feel that our world turned upside down. Sean Spicer's statement in regard to Hitler was highly offensive and no apology of his is a sufficient amend.