Jul 222017

Trumpcare Fails, Sessions Is Disloyal, Loyal Spicer Resigns


Last week in the United States. The strong rule. The weak continue losing. Common sense is out the window. Francis Coppola created a monster.


Trumpcare falls flat which would be a reason to celebrate except the proposed “repeal” of Obamacare without an immediate “replacement” might leave even more people without health insurance than the convoluted Trumpcare itself.

President Trump goes on record saying that had he known Jeff Sessions will recuse himself from the Russia investigation, he wouldn’t have hired him! (One has to wonder about the President’s understanding of the government’s structure. The Attorney General is not – and shouldn’t be – beholden or “loyal” to the president but to the law and the American Constitution…..)
Did you too notice that the words and behaviors of the President don’t resemble those of ANY American president, but are eerily similar to those of a very famous film character? (Yes, I’m referring to the 1972 Francis Coppola movie.) One is almost tempted to believe that by providing a “role model”, Francis Coppola created a monster.

The President has more and more objections regarding the staff, work and direction the investigation of Special Counsel Mueller is taking. According to reports, the lawyer hired by President Trump to defend himself from Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation is researching “immunity” and “pardons”.

Nearly every day(!) additional details emerge about the meeting of Donald Trump Jr. with the Russian government’s attorney: now we know that EIGHT people attended the meeting. (One of them was a Russian businessman – United States resident – once suspected of laundering over a billion dollars of Russian money…)

We’ve learned also about yet another meeting between President Trump and President Putin while in Hamburg which wasn’t previously disclosed. Only the two presidents and their wives + one Russian translator participated. The get-together was so innocent that no one but the President represented the United States during the secret meeting. It barely deserved the much belated mention.

Arizona Senator John McCain, 80, who underwent a blood clot surgery last week, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

O.J. Simpson, 70, was paroled after serving nine years of his 33 year sentence for armed robbery in Nevada. Simpson is expected to be a free man on October 1st of this year. Rumor has it that numerous media outlets are competing for interviews once the “Juice” is released. Simpson’s celebrity life will resume in October. Meanwhile, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are still dead. There is a relief from a prison sentence, but no respite from death.

Sean Spicer resigns or is forced to resign, depending whom you believe. The man must have REALLY needed a job! God knows he’s done the possible – and the impossible: “Even Hitler didn’t use chemical warfare” – to accommodate President Trump…

And how was YOUR week?

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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Here's a tip for Special Counsel Mueller: no one but a godfather insists on "loyalty". Follow the breadcrumbs: the financial history of president Trump's "business success" reveals his lack of morals and scruples. Bad for America, detrimental to our future. Don't let one family transform (deform!) our democracy into a dictatorship.