Nov 092016

Weekend Before 2016 Election News

The FBI announces: emails on Anthony Wiener’s laptop are copies of the originals already investigated and cleared. Hillary Clinton “email scandal” is no scandal. Nevertheless, a shadow of suspicion over the old materials was cast on Hillary Clinton and forced voters to wonder while Donald Trump enjoyed a 9 days advantage during the most critical time of the election.

Janet Reno – the first woman US Attorney General – passed away at 78. She succumbed to Parkinson’s disease. Janet Reno served for 8 years, establishing herself as the second longest serving US Attorney General. Among the notable cases she handled: The assault on the Branch Davidians’ compound in Waco, Texas. The successful capture of the Unabomber as well as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who were sentenced in the Oklahoma City bombing. The return of Elian Gonzales to his father in Cuba. Janet Reno leaves behind remarkable legacy.

A successful 45 year old real estate agent, Todd Kohlhepp, was charged with kidnapping and four murders in South Carolina after a kidnapped woman was found chained in a metal storage container on his property. Kohlhepp is suspected in 3 other murders. Todd Kohlhepp built a successful career in South Carolina after serving 14 year prison sentence in Arizona for kidnapping and sexually assaulting 14 year old girl. Being listed in South Carolina’s sex offender registry didn’t prevent him from obtaining real estate license.



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Nov 022016

EJ Jackson A Man Of Compassion Passed Away

EJ Jackson – the founder and CEO of Jackson Limousine Service, also known as the “chauffeur to the stars” – has died from a massive heart attack on November 1st 2016. He was a successful businessman and much more than that.

“E.J. Jackson’s kind and generous spirit was an inspiration. He was a role model to me and everyone in Los Angeles, and his charitable heart gave us a new understanding of the power of giving and the true meaning of community. The annual Thanksgiving giveaway that he founded in South L.A. is legendary: What began as help for a few Angelenos grew to 12,000 strong last year. And he did it because he understood that, in his words, ‘Nothing is more comforting than family enjoying a Thanksgiving meal together at home.’ The holidays in L.A. won’t be the same without E.J. on the streets at sunrise, making sure everyone’s basket is full. He set a timeless example for us to follow, and we can honor his legacy by building on the tradition he started and committing ourselves every day to making a difference in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.” Mayor Eric Garcetti

EJ’s road to success led through hardship. He’s never forgotten the extreme poverty – and even temporary homelessness – he endured and after he succeeded in business EJ remained sensitive to the suffering of others. He was known for his compassion and generosity. He was there to help people find jobs and gave money for food to many.

To EJ celebrating Thanksgiving with a festive turkey dinner with his family at home had a special meaning. So over 30 years ago he’s began giving away free Thanksgiving turkey dinners with all the trimmings to the poor and the homeless. He sought out – and reached out to – the elderly on fixed income, veterans in need, wounded warriors, the disabled and many others in need. EJ Jackson brightened the holidays and lives of thousands of people with generosity that filled up stomachs and lifted spirits. In the end, the heart that benefited the Los Angeles community for years gave out.

We don’t know what the future holds for Jackson Limousine Service. But we know that EJ Jackson will be remembered and missed by the thousands of people whom he’s helped.

Our deepest condolences go to Mr. Jackson’s loved ones and friends. Los Angeles lost a GOOD man.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / Eve Elrich



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I'll remember EJ

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I met him when I was down. He helped me up. RIP EJ.
Oct 162014
Remembering Elizabeth Peña

Remembering Elizabeth Peña
The photos are believed to be in public domain.

The radiant, beautiful, fiery and talented actress Elizabeth Peña has died, yesterday! No additional information pertaining to the cause of her death is available at this time. Several media outlets defined her death as due to “natural causes”. Personally, I can’t imagine a death due to natural causes at only 55….

Elizabeth Peña, a Cuban American from an artistic family, started her acting career early and became a household name with roles in such films as “La Bamba,” “Transamerica,” “Lone Star,” “Rush Hour,” “Jacob’s Ladder” and “Free Willy 2.”
For her performance in the “Lone Star,” Elizabeth received the Independent Spirit and “Bravo” awards. “Tortilla Soup” earned her the ALMA Award.

Her television roles – most recently on “Modern Family” where she’s been Gloria’s (Sofia Vergara) mother – on such TV shows as “L.A. Law,” “Dream On,” “Resurrection Blvd.”, “Matador,” and others (like “Tough Cookies”, “I Married Dora” and “Shannon’s Deal”) earned her critical acclaim for her dramatic as well as comedic talent and timing.

Elizabeth Peña wasn’t a great Latino actress: she was a great actress, period. Her unique personality and presence were embraced by viewers of all backgrounds. She will be missed by her family and friends as well as her fans. Her artistic contribution survives her.

Jul 242012

Statement from Pierson Family Oscar-winning screenwriter Frank Pierson died today in Los Angeles of natural causes following a short illness. He was 87. A three-time Academy Award® nominee, Pierson won an Oscar for his original screenplay of “Dog Day Afternoon.” He received nominations for “Cat Ballou” and “Cool Hand Luke.” Pierson’s writing credits also include “Presumed Innocent” and “A Star Is Born,” which he also directed. Pierson was currently working as Writer and Consulting Producer on the Emmy Award®-winning drama “Mad Men” and had served the same duties on numerous episodes of “The Good Wife.”

Oscar®-winning Screenwriter Frank Pierson

Oscar-winning screenwriter Frank Pierson died today in Los Angeles of natural causes following a short illness. He was 87.

Pierson was president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from 2001-2005 and had served as Governor of the Writers Branch for 17 years.Pierson is survived by his wife Helene, his children Michael and Eve and five grandchildren. There will be a private funeral for the family this week. A public memorial will be planned in the near future.

The family requests contributions are made to STAND UP 2 CANCER. Statement from Phil Robinson, Academy Governor (Writers Branch) Young rock ‘n rollers always look to the old bluesmen as models of how to keep their art strong and rebellious into older years.For screenwriters, Frank has been our old blues master for a long time.

From great, great movies like “Cat Ballou”, “Cool Hand Luke”, and “Dog Day Afternoon”, to his joining the writing staffs of “The Good Wife” and “Mad Men” well past his 80th birthday, he’s always shown us – better than anyone else – how to do it with class, grace, humor, strength, brilliance, generosity, and a joyful tenacity.

 He was both a great and a good man, I miss him already, and I feel very, very lucky to have known him. Statement from Susan B. Landau I am deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of Frank Pierson who was an iconic, titanic figure in the Hollywood community.

The Oscar-winning writer was a celebrated director, the former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Writers Guild, a dedicated member of the Directors Guild and the former Artistic Director of AFI.

He was fiercely dedicated to his wife and children, his friends, his politics, to the Hollywood community, and to young filmmakers all over the world with whom he was in constant touch.

He was thrilled be part of the “Mad Men” community at the time of his passing.