Jun 012017

Mayor Garcetti Fighting For The Homeless

“The results of LAHSA’s Homeless Count are not a surprise to Angelenos, who have seen the number of unsheltered people in their neighborhoods grow before their eyes. The City of Los Angeles is making progress in our efforts — housing more than 9,000 people in 2016 alone. But the extraordinary number of people falling into homelessness shows that we still face a historic shortage of affordable housing, a staggering mental health crisis, insufficient support for veterans and foster youth, and inadequate resources to help formerly incarcerated Angelenos turn their lives around.

Voters put their trust in us by passing Measure H and Proposition HHH, to deliver the housing and services that people on the streets desperately need. But we can only solve this crisis by deepening our investment in affordable housing. That’s why we must adopt a linkage fee to help us more than double our production of affordable housing. There are lives on the line, and we must press relentlessly forward until every Angeleno has a safe place to sleep at night.” — Mayor Eric Garcetti

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority annual Point-in-Time Count, overall homelessness in the City of Los Angeles increased by 20% to 34,189 people. Voters overwhelmingly passed two homelessness initiatives to help combat the crisis: Measure H will pay for services that are expected to help lift 45,000 people out of homelessness; Proposition HHH is estimated to build up to 10,000 units of permanent supportive housing over the next decade. Mayor Garcetti has also proposed an affordable housing linkage fee, which would require the developers of certain market-rate projects to include affordable housing on site or contribute to a fund that supports new affordable housing production.

As if fighting for the homeless wasn’t enough of a challenge, Mayor Garcetti has been dished a blow from Washington where the President proposes to defund our Earthquake Early Warning System. In response, Mayor Eric Garcetti stated:

“A major earthquake in Southern California is not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’ The President’s proposal to eliminate funding for the West Coast’s earthquake early warning system is an abandonment of his duty to protect Americans, and I trust that our representatives in Congress will have the wisdom to reject a plan that could cost lives. Los Angeles has already invested millions of dollars in this system, and I am more determined than ever to bring the technology to all Angelenos as soon as possible.”




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