Aug 292016
Juan Gabriel Mexican Superstar Dies Suddenly

Juan Gabriel Mexican Superstar Died Suddenly

Fans loved him. His albums flew of the shelves. His concerts were sold out. His stage presence was legendary. No Latin American (and especially, no Mexican) celebration is – or will ever be – complete without his songs. His singing and songwriting enriched the Latino culture and popular culture at large.

Juan Gabriel appreciated the devotion of his fans and worked hard to meet their expectations till the very end. He performed at The Forum in Los Angeles only 2 days before his sudden death. Sunday, August 28th he was scheduled to perform in El Paso, TX. (Both performances were a part of his “MeXXico Es Todo Tour”) Fans in El Paso aware of his sudden passing showed up for the concert anyway: not to be entertained but to pay tribute to the Mexican Superstar.

RCA Records recognized Juan Gabriel’s talent early on and signed him up when he was only 21. Juan (his real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez) didn’t disappoint and quickly achieved stardom. His songs became hits in Mexico and in the world. He was recognized for his versatility as an artist, created over a 1,000 popular songs in a variety of genres, some for himself and some for other singers.

Juan Gabriel recorded 15 albums and sold millions of records in the course of his career. His tours were sold out. “Querida” (“My Dear”) Juan Gabriel’s most popular song is as popular in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world today as it was upon its original release 30 years ago.

According to TMZ, Los Angeles police was called to the Mexican singer’s home in Santa Monica on Sunday, August 28th where they found him dead. The actual cause of death isn’t known at this time but a massive heart attack is suspected. (L.A. County Medical Examiner will determine the official cause of death.)

Juan Gabriel sudden death at the age of 66 came as a shock.  He was full of life and love. He continued to dazzle fans with his voice and knack for flashy costumes all the way till his last performance…

Mayor Garcetti expressed his condolences on Juan Gabriel’s death and his recognition for the artist’s contribution to our culture. Masses of fans are laying flowers on Juan Gabriel’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame….

Juan Gabriel, Mexico’s Superstar isn’t with us anymore. He will be dearly missed. Thankfully, his music will continue enriching lives for a long time to come.

On behalf of Anything L.A. Magazine: our condolences go to Juan Gabriel’s family, friends and fans. We share in your grief.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Entertainment Editor / I. Sturm


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I never got to meet him but when he sang you could feel all his emotions in his songs.He was a wonderful singer .i will miss him dearly.