Jan 022017

New California Laws For 2017

California government, with Governor Brown at the steering wheel, worked tirelessly to introduce, pass and sign 898 new laws. The laws treat into effect in 2017. We are obviously not going to discuss all of them here but here are a few worth noting.

Holding a cellphone or any other wireless electronic device while driving is illegal and punishable by law starting in 2017. From now on any such devices have to be mounted in front of the driver (without obstructing the view of the road, of course) and only a single swipe / single tap feature or function activation is allowed while driving.

Vehicle registration fees are rising on all vehicles and trailers.

Minimum wage is going up (for those employed by businesses with 26 or more employees) from $10 to $10.50 per hour. The minimum wage is to gradually increase and reach $15 per hour in 2022.

No more statute of limitation on rape. In 2017 California joins the 16 States that don’t have statute of limitations on rape. (13 additional States vary on the definition of rape.) Until now California’s law limited the time for prosecution of a felony sex offense to 10 years, the sole exception: the emergence of new DNA evidence. For Californians, the new law means more hope for justice for rape victims. (The law applies to rapes committed after January 1st 2017.)

Good mood while pampered is allowed: free wine and beer can be legally served to customers in hair salons and barbers shops before 10 pm.

Stocking EpiPens by businesses is legal. Businesses, educational institutions, entertainment venues and such prepared for EpiPens’ use in cases of life-threatening allergic reactions can now buy and stock it legally.

We have the Right-To-Die. The law makes death-on-demand legal for terminally-ill patients and legalizes physicians’ assistance for patients who choose to die.

The last one – technically doesn’t belong on this list – but yes, recreational marijuana use became legal in California in 2017 and some Angelenos simply couldn’t contain their joy…..

L.A. celebrates legalization of recreational marijuana use

California is making progress in safety, security, justice and healthcare. (Not to mention our commitment to delaying climate change, renewable fuels and environmental protection.) Happy New Year!

Additional information on specific California laws is available on http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/
Full information on new California laws for 2017 is supposed to be available here
http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/newLawTemplate.xhtml but isn’t, hopefully it will be soon.



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