Jan 052017
Free LED Light Bulbs Delivered To LADWP Customers

Free LED Light Bulbs Delivered To LADWP Customers
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Free LED Lightbulbs Delivered to over 1 Million Households in Los Angeles
LADWP delivered energy efficient LED lightbulbs to every residential customer to Save Energy LA


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) completed delivery of two free LED bulbs to 1.2 million residential customers as part of the City’s “Save Energy LA” campaign in December 2016.

“Every Angeleno has the power to help make Los Angeles more sustainable — and with the help of Save Energy LA, people across our city are finding new ways to conserve,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.” We are proud to do our part by giving customers free energy-efficient LED light bulbs, and making it as easy as possible to for Angelenos to save power.”

The door-to-door delivery began in September and was conducted in a rolling fashion, from one community to another over the course of three months, until all LADWP residential customers received a bag with light bulbs and information about ways to save energy. The program completed last week with deliveries in the North Hollywood area.

“This was a huge effort, delivering LED bags to up to 165,000 homes per week,” LADWP General Manager David Wright said. “We encourage our customers to switch from CFL or incandescent light bulbs to LEDs as soon as possible for a quick and easy way to save on your electric bill. This simple change can save customers up to $238 in electric costs over each bulb’s lifetime.”

The LED household distribution program is a cost-effective way to deliver Energy Efficiency (EE) directly to all of LADWP’s residential customers, both in single-family as well as multi-family homes. In addition to the two LED bulbs themselves, the delivery package also contained helpful information on conservation strategies as well as LADWP’s other EE programs.

The LED distribution program is budgeted at $14.8 million for this fiscal year, representing 8.8 percent of the overall annual Energy Efficiency portfolio budget. The program is expected to result in 1,640 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy saved and up to $246 million in customer bill savings over the lifetime of the LED bulbs. Additionally, the avoided cost of generation directly benefitting LADWP is estimated to be $146 million, representing a lifetime return on investment for this program to LADWP of almost ten to one.

Mayor Garcetti announced the Save Energy LA campaign in July to urge Angelenos to conserve electricity to benefit the environment and in response to the increased risk of power outages due to the unavailability of SoCal Gas’ Aliso Canyon Storage Facility following last year’s natural gas leak. The Save Energy LA campaign was created pro bono by Los Angeles-based advertising agency TBWA\CHIAT\DAY in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office and LADWP. In addition to designing the reusable bags and LED boxes, the campaign includes prominent ads on bus shelters, bus benches, DASH buses, and in print, as well as a social media campaign.

In addition to the LED bulb give away, LADWP offers many more ways for residential and commercial customers to save electricity, water and money. Go to www.MyLADWP.com for details on LADWP rebates and conservation programs.



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Aug 022016

Mayor Garcetti launches “Save Energy LA”

Mayor Garcetti launches “Save Energy LA” campaign and asks Angelenos to conserve energy during the summer months

City of L.A. municipal facilities to reduce energy use by 5% in summer months, Angelenos are invited to join the campaign by turning off their lights tonight 9:00-10:00 PM

Mayor Eric Garcetti today launched “Save Energy LA” a new campaign that encourages Angelenos to save energy and provides helpful tips and details on rebate programs.

“Save Energy LA” aims to help Angelenos to conserve electricity, reduce their energy bills, and protect the environment. Created pro bono by Los Angeles-based advertising agency TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, the campaign will include prominent ads on bus shelters, bus benches, DASH buses, and in print, as well as a social media campaign.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is also launching new and expanded rebate and incentive programs.

“We can reduce our individual energy usage and save money by taking simple steps such as turning off unnecessary appliances and replacing light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs,” said Mayor Garcetti. “These energy conservation measures will also help us to protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve the goals of my Sustainable City pLAn.”

With increasing heat due to climate change, more residents and businesses crank up their air conditioners at the same time they’re using energy for lights, appliances, and other needs. This puts a strain on neighborhood power distribution equipment and the entire electricity grid, especially on hot days. In the aftermath of the disastrous Aliso Canyon leak, the electric grid is under extra pressure this summer, creating a higher risk of power outages during peak days.

“We are 100 percent behind Mayor Garcetti’s “Save Energy LA” campaign. LADWP empowers Angelenos to take advantage of the many incentives and rebates to help save electricity and money,” said Marcie Edwards, LADWP General Manager. “We hope everyone responds to this call as you did for water conservation. Your participation will not only help meet the Mayor’s Sustainable City pLAn goals, but will also help you manage and save on your utility bill.”

Mayor Garcetti also announced an energy reduction target for municipal buildings of 5% from August to October, compared to the last five years. Municipal buildings have reduced their energy usage by 7.3% between 2014 and 2015 alone. Mayor Garcetti encourages commercial building owners, universities, and other large employers to aim for the same 5% reduction target in their facilities.
To help launch the campaign, Mayor Garcetti is asking Angelenos to turn out their lights tonight between 9:00-10:00 PM, to show their support for energy conservation. Buildings and landmarks throughout the region will turn off their lights from 9:00-10:00 PM on Friday.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with the Mayor’s Office in its unwavering commitment to strengthening, transforming and bettering the city and environment of Los Angeles for future generations,” said TBWA Chief Strategy Officer Nick Barham. “The ‘Save Energy LA’ campaign is about waking people up to the small everyday changes that can and will go a long way in conserving the energy needed to keep this city humming.”

LADWP has a number of new and existing programs that can help Angelenos save even more energy:

  • Residential Lighting Program: LADWP will give away two LED light bulbs per household beginning mid-September. They will reach 1.35 million LADWP customers and distribute a grand total of 2.7 million LED light bulbs across the city.
  • Community Partnership Outreach Grants for Nonprofit Organizations: LADWP will award an additional round of energy efficiency outreach and education grants to local non-profit organizations to improve energy efficiency and water conservation in Los Angeles communities. Applications for these grants valued at $90,000 each are available now, and are due August 19th.
  • Refrigerator Exchange Program: LADWP Refrigerator Exchange Program provides new energy saving, Energy Star®-rated refrigerators in exchange for qualified older model refrigerators, free of charge to low income residents. When the new refrigerator is delivered, the old unit will be removed and recycled. LADWP also offers rebates to anyone looking to upgrade their refrigerator.
  • SummerShift: To help reduce the strain on the grid, LADWP launched a SummerShift program to encourage large energy users to take actions to reduce demand, including shifting work hours earlier to avoid the 3:00 PM to 5:00 PMpeak demand time.
  • Home Energy Improvement Program: The Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP) is a free assessment of the most appropriate and effective improvements for private homes. During the assessment, LADWP’s trained technicians identify areas in the home where cost-effective energy efficient upgrades and repairs should be made. The home report is then forwarded to LADWP’s skilled repair technicians to complete the work.
  • Energy Savings Assistance Program: LADWP recently joined the Southern California Gas Company (SCG) in offering the Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP) to eligible low-income residential customers in the City of Los Angeles. Through the LADWP partnership, ESAP offers additional electric measures such as smart power strips and efficient light bulbs, as well as water and gas-saving showerheads and faucet aerators, to low-income residents of multi-family buildings.

For more information, please visit www.SaveEnergyLA.org
The information is also available in Spanish at www.AhorraEnergiaLA.org