May 182017

Washington Shenanigans

The shenanigans in Washington D.C. don’t seem to stop:

  • The shocking firing of FBI Director, James Comey
  • President Trump’s strange reference to tapes of their conversations in the White House
  • Comey’s alleged memo which supposedly claims that President Trump asked him to stop investigating Gen. Flynn who – in the words of the President – is “a good guy”
  • The President leaking top-secret Israeli intelligence to his Russian visitors. (No American photographer or reporter was allowed into the meeting, but a Russian photographer was.)
  • President Putin offering to bail out our President with transcripts of the conversation with Russian representatives during the “confidential” White House meeting.
  • Finally, the appointment of Special Counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, a former F.B.I. director, whose sole responsibility will be to oversee the investigation of the Trump campaign and administration’s possible ties to Russia.

In the opinion of many:

  • the President’s reference to “tapes”
  • his alleged request to stop the FBI investigation of Gen. Flynn
  • his repeated inquiries whether he himself is being investigated

have all the characteristics of obstruction of justice. Many draw parallels between Watergate and Trumpgate.

Yes, we have a Special Counsel to investigate the President’s – or his people’s – Russia ties now but such investigations tend to take a very long time. Even when the results come in – and should they be compromising – with the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and Senate there is little likelihood that the President or his administration will be held accountable for any misdeeds that might come to light.

Of course, President Trump – who is at odds with the FBI and the media – calls the investigation “Greatest Witch Hunt In History”. Really? Than why did President Trump fire James Comey in the midst of the Russian probe? Why did he try to discredit legitimate reporting by referring to media as “fake news”? Why did the President – according to numerous reports – explore the legality of prosecuting reporters who report unfavorably on his administration? (What’s on the agenda next? Censorship?) Why did the President consider canceling regular press conferences at the White House? The times are strange and worse, reminiscent of the era when the press – not the FBI, House of Representatives or Senate – brought the then-president to his knees.

Most politicians, entertainers and business leaders welcome the truth. President Trump seems to be terrified of it. He is against any probe into his campaign’s potential collusion with Russia. He fights the media for their ACCURATE reporting since his inauguration into the office. Does he have something to hide?

The integrity, patriotism and journalistic professionalism of reporters saved America in the past. (The investigative reporting of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward from The Washington Post – yes, the very same Washington Post President Trump dismissed as “fake news” early on – brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency.) It may be up to American media to save the United States, once again.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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