Dec 232016

L.A. Luxury Real Estate Expert Michelle Hirsch

Just like there is a difference between Kmart and Neiman Marcus, there are differences in real estate. “Location, location, location” not withstanding, there are homes and there are estates.

For most of us, our neighborhood real estate agent is the right person to call on to find and buy a comfortable single-family home in a safe community. Those with deeper pockets – who can afford the best, latest and luxurious – need an agent that specializes in luxury residential real estate. A real estate agent familiar with the needs of affluent clientele, the market, purchase process, area and the hottest in luxury living.

One of these experts in L.A. area – with a special knowledge of the San Fernando Valley – is The Michelle Hirsch Group. The heart of the group is Michelle Hirsch herself. With 10 years of experience at Rodeo Realty and Remax where she’s earned awards and distinctions for being a top performing agent, she now works in alliance with Keller Williams Realty. Michelle specializes in Los Angeles Luxury Residential Real Estate Homes and Estates. She’s particularly proud of having met the expectations of her many past luxury real estate clients who express their appreciation by referring to her new clients.

Her office is located in Valley Village, in the immediate neighborhood of Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Calabasas, Encino, Tarzana and other affluent communities.

Michelle Hirsch is familiar with the latest trends, amenities and security systems, buyers like you require. She also knows how to identify hidden pitfalls and / or well-concealed flaws of the property you might be considering before you make a commitment to purchase it.

Unlike other real estate agents you may have dealt with in the past, Michelle is experienced and energetic and will use her experience and energy to make sure you’ll find and get the exact luxury home or estate that meets yours and your family’s needs. She’s not afraid to troubleshoot, stand up for your interests and will ensure that the whole process of buying a new residence is stress-free for you.

She’s known as the Premier L.A. Luxury Real Estate Expert for a reason! If you are looking for a dream home and don’t like the hassle that usually accompanies the process, contact Michelle Hirsch: she’ll make the search and acquisition of your new luxury home or estate, a GREAT experience!

The Michelle Hirsch Group (Keller Williams Realty)
Los Angeles Real Estate Sales and Consulting
DRE LICENSE #01445587



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Dec 172016

Hybrid Bikes Another Mode Of Green Transportation

In climate change-sensitive California, hybrid cars took off like wildfire. They use less gas, produce fewer emissions, are better for the environment and driving them costs less.

In the same spirit of environmental awareness, bicycles have become trendy in the last few years. Bicycle shops have sprung citywide. There are special bike lines and routes, even bicyclists’ clubs. Of course, there is also Ciclovía, an organization and a day-long event – that closes streets to cars while opening them to foot traffic, skateboarding and yes, biking – taking place several times a year.

With the recent emphasis on biking, which today represents as much a commitment to fitness as to the natural environment, many non-athletes have taken a step back. Let’s face it, not all of us are in top shape and the utility of a bike in everyday living is limited at best: who wants to come to work wearing athletic gear and being all-sweaty…

A relatively new industry is booming as we speak, developed specifically with the non-athletes in mind, hybrid bikes. They go by several names from “pedelecs”, “power- assisted” to e-bikes and “human-electric hybrids”. The sales of e-bikes are EXPLODING!

Since the make of the car you drive is seen as a status symbol in California, many are looking at e-bikes the same way. There is the issue of brand recognition (some of the better known brands are: Italjet, Haibike, Kalkhoff, Evelo and Stromer) and state-of-the-art technology. That explains the prices of high end hybrid bikes, the best ones sell for $3,000 to $5,000 and up.

But there are less costly options as well. One of the popular brands right now is the Electrobike locally advertised as a “convenient transportation solution for Los Angeles”. There are several models to choose from. They differ by body style, battery power and are available in many trendy colors. As far as the technology goes, for a biker used to traditional bycicles, WOW! Electrobikes range in price from about $1,000 to $2,100 and come nearly fully assembled.

E-bikes aren’t mopeds or scooters; they are very much hybrid bikes and leave the choice of pedaling, cruising on electric power alone or power-assisted pedaling to the rider. In other words, an e-bike is like a bike with benefits. The electric battery (rechargeable) makes it possible, in theory at least, to ride an electric bike to work and arrive presentable.

Athletes may look down on electric bikes, for the rest of us hybrid bikes are another mode of green transportation that could – for shorter trips – replace cars.

Hybrid bike facts:

  • Range: depending on the brand and model, a hybrid bike can go from 20–50 miles on a single charge. (Electrobike models go for 20-30 miles)
  • Average speed (depending on the brand and model, again) is 10-25 miles per hour.
  • Electric assistance can be turned on and off with a twist of – or toggle on – the handlebar.
  • The battery can be recharged from any standard electric outlet.
  • E-bikes made by Electrobike use nickel metal hydride batteries which are not only recyclable but considerably less toxic than nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries.
  • The looks? Actually quite impressive, the battery is usually well-concealed, in most cases in the bike’s frame.
  • Sound? Yes, it’s perceivable. But e-bikes are not noisy.

Advantages of hybrid bikes:

  • you won’t waste time stuck in traffic
  • you won’t spend money on gas
  • you won’t deplete fossil fuels
  • you won’t spend money on parking
  • you won’t contribute to our carbon footprint (e-bikes produce zero emissions)

Bottom line? Hybrid, electric bikes are:

  • eco-friendly
  • cost-effective to operate
  • save riders money and time

Side effects of riding an e-bike?

  • getting fit
  • reducing stress
  • being seen as cool
  • a slight possibility of developing… superiority complex

Electrobike (the brand hails from Mexico) has many locations throughout South America and its presence in the United States is expanding. There are currently two Electrobike stores in Los Angeles area. (Three additional stores will open in Downtown L.A., Pasadena and West L.A. / Hollywood, soon.)

Electrobike Santa Monica
2665 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Electrobike Sherman Oaks
15301 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Phone: (844) 743-3353

Written by Anything L.A. Magazine’s Lifestyle Reporter, Jason Berberyan



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Oct 192016


Spreading Love And Warmth To The Homeless

Love is a Warm Blanket (LIAWB) is kicking off its fifth year of collecting and distributing donations of blankets to the homeless in our communities. “Though the street is not a home, we aim to provide warmth, love and attention where it is needed most,” said Angela Amirkhanian, founder of LIAWB, an annual blanket drive during winter months whose mission is to warm the hearts of the homeless and spread love with donations of blankets. Join the love! LIAWB is now accepting donations of new and gently used (washed) blankets of all sizes.

Blanket donation drop off boxes are available at The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission (Northridge) The Valley Economic Alliance (Sherman Oaks) and All State Insurance (Glendale).


The drive also has an Amazon WishList, where you can simply select and checkout blankets on the list, and send directly to the drive. The list can be viewed at LIAWB personally handed out near 400 blankets to the general homeless population living on the streets and through distribution events with homeless shelters last year.

They held events in Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row and at Ascencia’s emergency winter shelter, where residents chose blankets of choice. “Recipients are extremely grateful for the blankets, but what goes the longest way is interacting and having normal human conversation with them,” said Amirkhanian. “Asking for their names and how they’re doing,” she added.

LIAWB also donates blankets to homeless shelters and resource centers including My Friend’s Place’s Union Rescue Mission, The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, Light House for Women and Children, LA Family Housing, and MEND. As the drive continues to grow, so does its mission.

Last year, many organizations, companies, churches, hospitals, and schools encouraged giving and helping those in need amongst their groups. Lionsgate Entertainment placed bins at their Santa Monica branch and encouraged employees to donate.

The Christian Outreach for Armenians Church collected blankets before service. Attendees at The Valley Economic Alliance’s holiday open house brought blankets to the party. For more information visit



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Glendale will not host a winter shelter

5 5 1
I just wanted to add, that per Ascencia, they will not host a 2016-2017 winter shelter this year. You might want to update your information. They posted their update on Oct., 7, 2016.
Oct 172016
2016 Sherman Oaks Street Fair

Representatives of Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce

Anything L.A. Magazine’s staffers hit the road this Sunday (10/16/16) and visited the annual Sherman Oaks Chamber Of Commerce Street Fair.

2016 Sherman Oaks Street Fair

The high energy community event was informative, entertaining and action-packed. There was live music, a vintage car show, community stage, pet zone and food trucks serving delicious food… And all that in addition to the business EXPO and vendor booths with all kinds of goodies from clothing to jewelry. No wonder the Sherman Oaks Street Fair attracts thousands of visitors: there were young people, old people, young families with kids in tow and many dogs with their owners on the other end of the leash.

We talked with representatives of the hospitable Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce as well as with:

several media outlets




many local businesses and organizations

















several notable health organizations



California State Military Reserve


several local politicians’ representatives




and the LAPD!


We told them all about the plight of Adam Krief who is fighting blood cancer and asked them to support the upcoming Anything L.A. Magazine SFV Bone Marrow Donor Drive For Adam Krief. Community has great powers, the power to heal is among them is.

Thank you Sherman Oaks Chamber Of Commerce for your support of the SFV bone marrow donor drive for Adam Krief and congratulations on another vibrant, busy and successful Street Fair!

Photo credit: Wolf Kesh



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