Nov 172016

Anything L.A. Magazine’s SFV Community

Anything L.A. Magazine is building community offline!

Anything L.A. Magazine, Los Angeles digital magazine, is growing. We have many thousands of visitors. Our subscribers’ list is growing. Our Twitter following is growing.

Anything L.A. Magazine informs
Anything L.A. Magazine entertains
Anything L.A. Magazine supports what’s right
Anything L.A. Magazine advocates
Anything L.A. Magazine educates
Anything L.A. Magazine encourages independent thinking

With that out of the way, publishing a magazine is in some ways like a monolog. You know what we do and how we do it. You know how we think and how we feel.
The only feedback we receive is Online. Internet is a blessing in many ways but it is not a substitute for a direct human interaction.

Now we’re opening our doors to the community offline! Let’s meet and talk about issues that are important to you. Let’s have a cup of coffee, some fun, perhaps even make our neck of the woods a little better. Interested? RSVP here!