Dec 142016
Alan Thicke Died

Alan Thicke. Photo property of

Popular as the star of “The Alan Thicke Show” and the loving father in “Growing Pains”, TV sitcoms from the 80s, Alan Thicke died from a massive heart attack on Tuesday (12/13/16) evening while playing hockey with his son. He was 69.

Canadian-born Alan Thicke had a long and successful show business career, not limited to acting. He started early as a DJ and broadcaster in Canada, but blossomed working on – and for – American TV. He was a talk show and game show host, performed in a variety of TV shows and specials, was a TV writer and a successful TV music composer. His musical genes were apparently inherited by his son, the singer and songwriter Robin Thicke.

Alan Thicke Died At 69

Alan Thicke and the cast of “Growing Pains”: Alan Thicke with his TV-wife Joanna Kerns, and TV-children: Jeremy Miller, Tracey Gold and Kirk Cameron, 1985-92, (c) Warner Bros. Television / courtesy Everett Collection

Alan Thicke died suddenly; on the afternoon on the day of his passing he was busy on Twitter… He will be missed and remembered fondly.



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