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L.A. City Attorney, Mike Feuer

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer during Tujunga Town Hall Meeting


Mike Feuer and LAPD Foothill Division held a Town Hall meeting in Tujunga. L.A. City Attorney listened to residents’ concerns, showed commitment to solving their problems, offered concrete solutions. So UNLIKE a politician….


On Thursday October 27th 2016 L.A. City Attorney, Mr. Mike Feuer together with LAPD Foothill Division held a Town Hall meeting in Sunland / Tujunga. Among local community members in attendance were also staffers of Anything L.A. Magazine.

Anything L.A. Magazine has followed the latest accomplishments of L.A. City Attorney’s and took notice of especially three of them:

  • His massive victory over Wells Fargo which positively impacted the bank’s customers nationwide
  • His fight against homeless patient dumping in Los Angeles and the prosecution of offending health facilities
  • His Ticket Clinics which help people guilty of minor offenses reclaim their lives

Quite frankly, we were curious to see Mike Feuer address every day community issues. Town Hall meetings by their very nature tend to be rather boring. Surprisingly, the Tujunga meeting was anything but. Mr. Feuer doesn’t sit in an ivory tower and perceive his constituents as uniform “people”. He is more than capable of seeing individuals and empathizing with their real-life concerns. He is warm, direct, easy to relate to and doesn’t speak over anyone’s head.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer during Tujunga Town Hall Meeting

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer introduced Mark Ross, Tujunga’s new Neighborhood Prosecutor

The meeting began with Mike Feuer introducing his team members and explaining the role of Mark Ross, Tujunga’s new Neighborhood Prosecutor (formerly with the Rampart Division). L.A. City Attorney explained the concept of neighborhood justice which he also calls “restorative justice”, a program assisting in rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-felons which is intended to reduce recidivism rates. LAPD Foothill Community Police Station’s Chief Green introduced his key officers and explained their responsibilities.

Among the concerns raised by community members were:

  • trouble-making neighbors
  • homeless encampments in the area
  • lack of responsiveness of the parking division
  • doubts about Proposition 47

It was obvious to anyone in attendance that Mike Feuer is more than a run-of-the-mill politician doing his job. He is clearly following his calling and his passion for law is tempered by his concern for the welfare of the people he was elected to serve.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer during Tujunga Town Hall Meeting

Mr. Feuer doesn’t avoid uncomfortable topics and doesn’t answer questions vaguely. It was clear that he is familiar with the concerns raised by attendees and ready to propose thoughtful, practical solutions. He asked about specifics of each concern and reassured us that they will be followed until their successful resolution. (In few cases, specifically those calling for more law enforcement, budget and personnel shortage account for the lack of solutions….)

The experience of attending the Sunland / Tujunga Town Hall meeting was surprisingly refreshing. We’ve seen a City Attorney who cares, is responsive and puts forth the effort to offer and / or propose concrete – and creative! – solutions. (One of them was for the city to lease existing, small motels and convert them into housing for the homeless which could be a cost-effective and fast solution to Los Angeles’ massive homeless’ crisis.)

L.A. City Attorney delivers. He made the residents feel heard. He welcomed new ideas. He assured follow up. He was not afraid to introduce innovative solutions. In the end, the attendees felt respected, valued, helped and included in the problem-solving process.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer during Tujunga Town Hall Meeting

Our City Attorney, Mike Feuer doesn’t see people as abstracts, he relates to concerns of individuals and families. He believes that solid structures grow on sound foundations. He is committed to building strong, empowered neighborhoods from the ground up. Mike Feuer doesn’t act like most politicians who duck inconvenient questions and avoid giving direct answers. He is specific and addresses concerns head on.

Mike Feuer EARNED his reputation. On the evening of the Tujunga Town Hall meeting, L.A. City Attorney (along with five other recipients: Tracy Nelson, Adam Schiff, Appo Jabarian, Steve Fazio and Patti Jo Wolfson) was honored with the Justice Armand Arabian Leaders in Public Service Award during Encino Chamber of Commerce annual gala in Woodland Hills. Here at Anything L.A. Magazine, we know why.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / Eve Elrich
Photo credit: Wolf Kesh



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