May 082017

Democracy Wins: Vive La France!

France elected Emmanuel Macron with nearly 2/3 of the vote. At 39, Macron will be the youngest French head of state since Napoleon.

Emmanuel Macron – who held the office of Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs – has been described as a social democrat and a social liberal, but he is mainly a centrist. He stands for a free economy, European Union and environment; he is pro-immigration and against President Trump’s proposed “wall”.

Even though only 74% of French citizens turned out to vote (by comparison 60% eligible voters voted in our 2016 presidential elections) the French commitment to human rights, progress and tolerance prevailed.

Macron’s rival, Marion Le Pen representing the French extreme right and espousing similar views to those of President Trump, earned 1/3 of the vote. In the first gesture following his victory, Macron reached out to her supporters and pledged to work to unite the nation.

All in all: France won. France didn’t abandon the principles of its Republic: Vive La France! German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, referred to Macron’s win as a “victory for a strong, united Europe”.

With the notable exception of the United Kingdom’s prime minister, Theresa May a conservative hardliner who is leading Brexit, other recent European elections prove that Europe is still a pillar of democracy.




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