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Jun 042017

Terrorist Spree In London

A terrorist driving a rented van over the London Bridge deliberately rammed into pedestrians. In the ensuing panic, three attackers armed with large knifes attacked people in restaurants and bars in the Borough Market area. (The terrorists were wearing fake suicide vests to inflict even more fear on unsuspecting public.)

The London Bridge and Borough Market Attacks: 7 dead, 48 injured (21 of the injured are in critical condition). Among the injured are visitors from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and several French citizens. The hospitals where the many injured are being treated have been placed on lockdown to ensure patients’ safety.

The three attackers were shot dead by Met police. One member of the public was injured by police targeting the terrorists. Three police officers suffered serious injuries. At least 12 other terror suspects were arrested in overnight raids in connection with the attack.

Prime Minister Theresa May called for stronger anti-terrorism prevention and harsher sentences for terrorists.

The area surrounding the Borough Market is closed to traffic, at least until Monday. A moment of silence for the victims will be held in the UK on June 6th.

This is the third terrorist attack in the UK since March of this year.

Meanwhile Ariana Grande’s star-studded benefit concert “One Love Manchester” will be held today in Manchester as scheduled with increased security. (Ariana Grande visited her fans – who were injured following her concert – in local hospitals.)

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