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Aug 162017

White Los Angeles Against White Supremacy


Anything L.A. – Los Angeles Liberal Magazine – unequivocally condemns white supremacy, hate groups, hate crimes and white hypocrisy in Washington D.C.


We all have CULTURAL preferences and sentiments. The concept of white supremacy, KKK and the Neo-Nazi movement however has nothing to do with cultural sentiments. These people actually believe that their skin color alone entitles them to superiority over others. But there is NO superiority, leave alone supremacy based on race. There is supremacy based on merit, only.

White power, white supremacy, KKK and the Neo-Nazi movement have no merit and no power. Members of these organizations use vandalism and violence to assert their imaginary power.
Real merit and power can be easily and openly asserted. Think of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, each of them has proven his value: peacefully and constructively. Each earned our respect. Recently, an older man – by the name of Jose Prieto – gave his life while trying to help a woman and children in the aftermath of a massive car crash on the 10 freeway in Fontana. He was a real man, a remarkable human being and a Good Samaritan. His life mattered. His legacy has value. These are examples of superiority based on merit; superiority earned. (There are of course, many other examples: there are African American preachers, politicians, professionals, artists, etc. who have earned their way to success and recognition like the individuals I named above.)

Since President Trump took office instances of vandalism of houses of worship and cemeteries that are not Christian are on the rise. There were two well-publicized cases of American nationalists who killed foreigners to “rid America of illegal immigrants”. (In the first case, the victim was an American citizen and a successful businessman. In the second, the victims were highly-skilled professionals from India here on work visas to help make America greater, yet.) The latest outburst of white nationalism killed Heather Heyer: she was white, born and raised in the United States, professional and patriotic that’s why she was among the counter protesters in Charlottesville.

In solidarity with victims and survivors of the white supremacists’ rally in Charlottesville (Virginia), Anything L.A. – Los Angeles Liberal Magazine – unequivocally condemns white supremacy, hate groups, hate crimes AND white hypocrisy in Washington D.C. In the same spirit, we suspend all further activity (including our newsletter) until the United States of America have a President that represents the majority of Americans.

As much as we tried to pretend that Los Angeles is an island, it isn’t. We, our city and our values are threatened by the actions of – and statements from – the White House. It isn’t possible to provide coverage of our city while ignoring United States’ news and the world’s reactions to them.

It was never our magazine’s intent to judge the leadership of our Country and until President Trump came to power we never did. As it is, it’s impossible not to. When the federal government tramples on American values staying silent implies acceptance. Let there be no misunderstanding: WE DON’T SUPPORT – LEAVE ALONE, SHARE – PRESIDENT TRUMP’S VIEWS. Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine isn’t anti-government. It is against the erosion of American values and terrorism either foreign or domestic.

For the record: Anything L.A. – Los Angeles Liberal Magazine – is published and run by white people who are American patriots and support American values.

American values don’t include the destruction of natural environment, intentional acceleration of global warming, economic discrimination, divisiveness, racial discrimination, walls that divide nations, religious discrimination, immigration policy that rips families apart, hate groups, white nationalism, hate crime, relentless attempts to deprive Americans of healthcare, a return to the dark days of Confederacy, violence or vandalism.

Be sure to understand: the so called “white power” DOESN’T represent all white people. Normal white people are as outraged and disgusted by the actions of “white supremacists” as the minorities being targeted by them. Perhaps unlike the minorities, we understand better that the “white supremacists” are losers. They have no merit or credibility as individuals or as a “movement”. Worse, we are embarrassed by the fact that we – the normal white people – may be perceived as a part of the “white nationalism”. The difference between the “white supremacists” and all other white people isn’t political, but moral. For the President of the United States to take the side of immorality blows our collective white mind!

Make no mistake, Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine didn’t fold. We will resume the day common sense and American values return to Washington. Until then: GOD BLESS AMERICA, we hope and pray that once the current storm passes there’ll be enough of the America we know and love left to restore it to its former glory.

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich




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